I never thought that my love for lego, physical play and experience design could resonate this much. Thanks to every one who made this possible! Thanks for voting, sharing, tweeting, retweeting, following, liking and writing about this project!

Lego Ideas is a fascinating platform. The combination of creative input from many projects and the immediate feedback from the community is great. My previous projects haven’t been that successful. This motivated me to think harder this time. I already shared my conceptual thoughts for this project in an early update.

Working on this project I always visualized two types of people in my mind: One person, not knowing about LEGO Ideas at all, walking into a store seeing this “LEGO Set” for the first time and another person seeing this project here on Ideas. I basically didn’t stop until I felt the design was convincing for both.

We’ll see what the future holds for this Idea. Can’t say much about the business side. But turning this into a real lego product is quite a challenge I’ll guess. A rewarding one I hope.

Special Thanks to my wonderful wife and my three kids! Couldn’t have done this without your support! Special Thanks also to Thomas, a true friend, who helped me with this crazy video shoot!

Hey! 7500 Supportes … This is Great! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You … once again to all supporters! Thanks for your votes, your feed back and your social media shares!

Hey! Big Thank You to everyone how supported this already! I never had 1,000 people supporting any thing in my life before. I hope this grows into an exciting and little bit different LEGO Set some day!